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 george[flytampa] (Tue May 23, 2017 4:27 pm)

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For those of you that don't like Facebook..

Prepar3D V4 is coming May 30th & it's truly glorious.
To celebrate we thought you'd like some Boston Logan V4 previews taken from within Prepar3D V4.
Some of our favourite features from the 1000s of improvements in P3D4.....
64bit Architecture, so say goodbye to Out of Memory errors.
Performance is up. We are seeing a 10-15fps boost at our airports.
Less stutters.
Loading Times are down drastically.
No texture re-drawing when switching views.
New Dark UI
New Rain & Snow FX
Dynamic Lighting. This will change the way we all do night lighting. See the shots.
TerminalA_Day.jpg (514.93 KiB) Viewed 30960 times
TerminalA_Night.jpg (316.99 KiB) Viewed 30960 times
Wethang.jpg (1003.86 KiB) Viewed 30960 times
DynamicLightingKBOS_3.jpg (412.03 KiB) Viewed 30960 times
DynamicLightingKBOS_1.jpg (190.65 KiB) Viewed 30960 times
CarlotE.jpg (542.97 KiB) Viewed 30960 times
Boston_RearTerminal.jpg (498.98 KiB) Viewed 30960 times
22R_Water.jpg (457.17 KiB) Viewed 30960 times
 gregmorin (Tue May 23, 2017 7:43 pm)

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Thank you George!

 specialist (Tue May 23, 2017 9:54 pm)

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That is a beautiful update for one of my favorite old scenery. Looking good! :wink:
 CaribbeanCLANK (Tue May 23, 2017 10:40 pm)

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That looks amazing...I do not own this airport so I will be sure to purchase when I make to switch to P3Dv4.

I must say, the lighting looks really good.
 OmniAtlas (Wed May 24, 2017 5:03 am)

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Wow George, this is amazing.

I use to live in Cambridge -- so this really brings it home.

Do we have a possible release date...or when its done?

Last purchase was Sydney, this looks like another one to put on the buy list.
 BoazDK (Wed May 24, 2017 9:08 am)

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:o :shock: faints!
 331BK (Wed May 24, 2017 1:11 pm)

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Hey George,

any news about the upgrade path ? I have a lot of your sceneries can i use them right away or do we have to wait for new installers?

Cant wait to fly form EHAM to KNCM without OOM in PMDG 747

 VetteHead (Thu May 25, 2017 1:37 pm)

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I bought Boston a long time ago and have been patiently waiting for it for P3D 3.4, but next week I'll be buying P3D V4.

Will I have to re-buy Boston?

I also have several other products:

St. Maarten

Will they be updated and if so will there be a cost?
 Axel (Thu May 25, 2017 2:14 pm)

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Hi George,

question regarding the dynamic lighting: will this be an option to select or unselect depending on one's system? If so, would then the "default" lighting be on, as we see on the previous versions? I am asking because this is for sure a performance demanding feature, right?


 Axel (Thu May 25, 2017 2:16 pm)

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...and, will the other airports receive this nice dynamic lighting feature as well?

And, great previews! :shock:
 george[flytampa] (Thu May 25, 2017 3:13 pm)

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BOS v4 is a entirely new rebuild. I've been working on it nearly 2 years so it will have to be treated as a new airport.

Our current airports will be updated to work in P3D4 with a free update soon. If needed.

The dynamic lights don't seem to make any noticeable difference to the frame rate. Maybe P3D4 shifts the workload onto the GPU. However, they can be turned off by removing the bgl file. All dynamic lighting can be disabled globally in the P3D settings.

Old airports won't get the dynamic lights yet. They might later.

I have an older I7 CPU & 1070GTX gfx card. I'm getting 75 fps looking at those terminals at night. Without AI.
I was a little surprised they handled it so well. Adam from Lockheed Martin told me recently they are going to optimise the dynamic lighting further in future builds.

They'll be flashing wingtip strobe lights everywhere soon. :twisted:
 Axel (Fri May 26, 2017 9:43 am)

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Amazing! Thanks for the further details :)
 simsuper80 (Sat May 27, 2017 12:42 pm)

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will this be compatible with aerosoft's us cities boston?
 BoazDK (Sun May 28, 2017 4:08 am)

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