MSFS Purchase Options?

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MSFS Purchase Options?

Post by DFWSupertrooper » Sat Dec 12, 2020 8:27 pm

I'm definitely looking forward to many of your great airports (especially KLAS coming up imminently). Which purchase method is recommended going forward (MSFS Marketplace or Web Store)? I've purchased other sceneries using both methods based on advantages potentially offered through each web store/vendor as may be applicable, but I'm new to FlyTampa.

Some folks dog the marketplace but I've had decent experience on there with another couple of vendors so that doesn't concern me. If there's no special utility like Contrail, Orbx Central, or FSDT's clear preference for installers, I'd just assume get it from the marketplace unless someone can convince me otherwise. I plan to get a lot of your sceneries so I'd like to start now using the right method. Thx!

EDIT: Now that FlyTampa is partnered with OrbxCentral for distribution, that makes it easy!
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Elliot Negrón
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Re: MSFS Purchase Options?

Post by Elliot Negrón » Thu Dec 17, 2020 6:14 am

I buy my FT addons through Simmarket, I do that because I like to keep all my addon purchases in one place rather than all over the place.

Buying from the MSFS Marketplace, while convenient it tends to be very late with updates. If you buy from Webstore/Simmarket etc. then you get updates as soon as they are published.
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