General Recommendations and Software we use (May2017)

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General Recommendations and Software we use (May2017)

Post by martin[flytampa] » Mon Jan 28, 2013 7:14 pm

Prepar3D V4 - Website
Prepar3D V4 is our Sim of choice these days. 64bit and extensive use of the GPU allows for much higher detail and better performance, not to mention neat new features like dynamic lighting, trees that move with the wind, new groundpoly tech, more advanced materials and much more.

If you use Prepar3D we don't recommend editing the CFG file at all. If you do use FSX, we only recommend adding HIGHMEMFIX=1 to the [GRAPHICS] section. To restore the default CFG simply delete the existing CFG and run FSX, it will generate a new file with stock settings.

Nvidia Inspector - Download
We prefer this Utility to force specific AntiAliasing and Anisotropic Filtering settings on Nvidia Cards rather then using the internal FSX settings. We run Antialiasing at a moderate 4X Multisampling and Anisotropic at 8x or 16x, while leaving the Anti-Aliasing Checkbox Off within FSX's Display Settings. If you are prone to noticing "Texture Shimmering" and prefer a more blurred look, you may want to try different settings.

Airport Design Editor - Website
Our "Afcad" Editor of choice these days. Used to set parking Codes for AI airlines and much more.

Simple Airport Scanner - Website
Utility to scan & find duplicate Afcad/ADE files, a common source of problems when using a vast collection of Addon Sceneries.

Real Environment Xtreme - Website
Must-have Addon featuring global replacement textures for Clouds, Water, Sky, Runways and much more. We recommend the Wave Animation "Sparkling" as well as Tropical Water "Bare Floor".

World of AI - Website
Our favorite free AI-Traffic Addon.