Seattle Patch

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Seattle Patch

Post by george[flytampa] » Sun Aug 28, 2005 3:56 am

Seattle Patch Features:

SEA VOR range increased from 55nm to 195nm
SFO night taxilight textures no longer conflicts with SEA
Lake Angle flattened (Mega Scenery)
3D ILS Antenna at end of runway 34L/R rotated 180 degrees.
Taxiway signs updated for newly designated taxiway T
Updated missing night textures

download direct from this link: ... Update.exe
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Post by berman93 » Sun Aug 28, 2005 7:33 am

George, should I remove the sea_flat21.bgl, I noticed with the update it put the sea_flat.bgl back in the scenery folder. Thanks for the hardwork and support :D
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Post by george[flytampa] » Sun Aug 28, 2005 12:19 pm

No, leave SEA_flat21 in there.
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Post by newfrontiers » Sun Aug 28, 2005 3:09 pm

Leave the newly installed sea_flat.bgl in there along with sea_flat21.bgl?

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Post by george[flytampa] » Sun Aug 28, 2005 3:51 pm

It'll probably work with both, but I'd remove sea_flat.bgl if you want to be on the safe side, but only when using vertex level 20+.
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Post by big_al » Sun Aug 28, 2005 4:03 pm

Thank you for the quick patch, and a beautiful airport, as usual! Your BOS airport was amazing but this tops it! Looking forward to your next one, what might that be if I may ask?


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Post by george[flytampa] » Mon Aug 29, 2005 11:32 am

Buffalo (KBUF) is next from me.
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Post by dzollner » Tue Aug 30, 2005 7:38 am

george[flytampa] wrote:Buffalo (KBUF) is next from me.
Buffalo? Fantastic! A great airport to fly into. One quick the update to the SEA VOR range the only thing changed in the AF2 file? I don't really want to have to re-tweak it again if I don't have to.
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Post by aarskringspier » Tue Aug 30, 2005 12:13 pm

george[flytampa] wrote:Buffalo (KBUF) is next from me.


That is awesome!!!!!!!!!! I love Buffalo, man thanks for doing the more obscure (In the sense of MSFS) airports.
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Post by hassata » Thu Sep 01, 2005 4:31 am

Not to be thick :? , but I installed the patch and now have lake, lake1 and lake2 in the Scenery folder. I am running with a 21 setting. If I delete Lake, the fence does not look right. With all three in the file, the scenery looks good. Does it sound like I messed up the patch process, or is there any way to confirm Im patched?

Many thanks
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Post by martin[flytampa] » Thu Sep 01, 2005 5:26 am

The Seattle 1.1 Update is one thing. The Patch BGL file for users with Max Vertex=21 is another. The reason the Patch BGL for Max Vertex=21 will not be included in the main Installaer or Update is because this has to remain an optional patch. For users with default settings (19) the "21 patch" messes things up.

I will be updating the downloads section today to reflect this.
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Post by hassata » Thu Sep 01, 2005 12:22 pm

Ok thanks pal.
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Post by Keyno » Mon Sep 05, 2005 9:09 pm

Thanks for the patch.

I sure love your work, top notch!
Cant wait for the next scenery. There are some airports that are needed, that have never really been done, like Reno KRNO. Love to see that and the surrounding area. KBOI has been done, but not at FlyTampa scenery level, love to visit that state.
Well i could go on and on...

Thanks again for the great scenery.

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Post by Captain » Sat Nov 05, 2005 2:15 am

I am having trouble with the runways at night. As in I cannot see them. I have re-installed the scenery and the patch and still no runways. Anyone have any ideas?