My KSEA 3rd runway effort

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Re: My KSEA 3rd runway effort

Post by Molders » Sun Aug 19, 2012 12:39 pm

Trebor wrote:hello, I followed your instructions....and got this:


I have got the same problem. I checked to make sure there was no other AFCAD for KSEA on my system and other than the default one there is not.

I can bring the AFCAD up in AFX and it shows the runway in the preview mode in FS9 but as soon as I go off preview mode its no longer there.

I hopping someone might be able to point me in a new direction as I am out of ideas as how to get this to work.

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Re: My KSEA 3rd runway effort

Post by mole_man99 » Sun Dec 23, 2012 1:05 pm

Do you still have no third runway like in the screenshot above? All I can I think is that the altered afcad is not loading.

Try downloading the latest pack again, and replacing your AFCAD file with the one on the pack 'af2_flytampa_ksea.BGL'

If that does not work. Disable all addon mesh scenery to get back to default mesh, and go through the install process in the pack one by one to make sure a step is not missed.
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Re: My KSEA 3rd runway effort

Post by Co-Pilot Diego » Sat Jul 27, 2013 12:12 pm

mole_man99 wrote:I have been having a go at adding the third runway to Flytampa KSEA scenery for FS9. I must stress the following is nothing to do with Flytampa whatsoever, but I have sought permission to distribute this addition as freeware if I get that far, and you guys want it of course. Flytampa have confirmed it is OK.

My skills are very basic, but I am pleased with the result. Here are some pic. Let me know what you think.

On approach to 16R



Decision Height

Take care not to land on taxiway T!

Woods courtesy of Gerrish grey trees

Photo images of surrounding area under the Flytampa Scenery. Haghways tie in with model nicely.

Afcad. Lines up with RealityXP garmin as you can see above. Should line up with FMS in payware aircraft. Not tested yet.

There are many tweeks and improvements and additions I want to do, but you have to draw a line somewhere and use it for a bit. The AI flow much better as landing AI often use the new runway, reducing goarounds which seem to plague KSEA.

If folk are interested, I can try too assemble what I have done and upload it to my server.

Thanks for your incredible handy addition, mole_man!

I followed all your instructions in the files that you have left us here on the forum, only 2 tiny things:
1) the taxiways directly linked to new 3rd runway seem to dissappear when looking around the aircraft.
2) there are a group of trees on the runway, which i cant seem to delete.

EDIT: Found a solution to problem number 2, forgot to erase/rename the file "treeL.bgl" (i dunno how i missed that!! :D )
EDIT: First problem still exists though, its like when you look from up, you see the taxiway and the sahdows, when from side (almost next to the aircraft) to lower, (let's say: a view from just under the wings) all is gone....)

Could you give me a helping hand in this?

Thanks a lot!


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Re: My KSEA 3rd runway effort

Post by emaresh12 » Wed Jun 10, 2015 3:49 am

I cant install this file of but in the game 3rd runway but it show it in my FSnav and FScommander i have the 3rd runway but in the game it only see 2 runways not the 3rd needing help