Changes in Vienna 2019

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Changes in Vienna 2019

Post by gg1190 » Fri Aug 16, 2019 12:56 pm


It's been a while since Vienna has been updated to the current state.
The airport has changed quite a bit and I was wondering if you could implement some of these changes:
  • Both Taxilanes (40 BLUE and 40 ORANGE) have been moved and realigned. In addition, TL40 CENTER has been extended to the back, due to the fact that some stands in the north of the ”Skylink” are currently being used by heavies. These Stands are: G36, G26 and G16. They simply are an addition to F36, F26 and F16.
  • Intersection A5 is a closed intersection in real life and for what I can remember, was already closed in the previous versions of Vienna. They are marked with an X and at night have a red line both at the end and beginning.
  • The General Aviation Apron East also had some construction going on. Next to HANGAR3 all the Cargo Planes are being parked while waiting for their departure at night instead of small Cessnas e.g.
  • Vienna Tower is and always was equipped with two flashing strobes on top.
  • The new Hotel ”Moxy” and Austrian Airlines OFFICE PARK 2 + park deck are missing. Also, VIENNA AIRPORT OFFICE PARK 4 is currently being under construction work and will be finished 2020.
  • One of the hangars on the far east no longer holds the sign ”Austrian Technik” but ”Laudamotiondotcom” instead.
There are a bunch more, but that would be too much here. You can compare the ground layout on Google earth anyways. (Seems like the map used on FR24dotcom is more up to date). It would be awesome if you could work on some of the issues/updates. Vienna is such a great airport and so many are flying in and out.
I'll attach some pictures below to better illustrate what I mean. If you have some other changes I missed please add them below!


Georg Fartek
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