Problems with artifacts and hard landings

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Problems with artifacts and hard landings

Post by Highflyer » Sun Nov 15, 2020 3:29 am


Since a couple of days I‘m having problems with my KaiTak scenery in P3D v4.5.

During approach to RWY13 everything is fine. However, just after passing the Threshold if RWY13, there suddenly appears an artifact on the touchdownzone that was not visible during the approach. It looks like a small and very steep mountain/hill and has the texture of a hill.
It is possible to fly through this artifact, but it is very irritating, especially at this stage of the RWY13-approach.

Thereafter, just before touchdown, even if the plane ( PMDG 747 ) is flared perfectly, the wheels won‘t rouch the RWY. It seems the plane sinks a bit through the surface, without actually touching it.
Then suddenly, the RWY „jumps“ upwards a little and it results in a very rough landing.
Never had this before and a pilot error can be excluded in this case.

It seems that something is srewed up with the scenery, probably after an update of ORBX FTX Global and the libraries.

I‘ve uninstalled and reinstalled the Scenery, but this didn‘t fix the issues.

Would be very thankful for any advice, as this is by far my most favourite scenery and my virtual homebase.

Best regards,

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