Grenadines Missing Autogen

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Grenadines Missing Autogen

Post by Roaring40s » Wed Jun 19, 2019 6:57 am


I am a bit getting lost here on the autogen problem.
Purchased a few days ago the wonderful Grenadines scenery for FSX (steam edition).
During the installation I noticed that the scenery files are not stored in "Addon Scenery" folder but in the "Fly Tampa" folder in the FSX root directory.

The airports are visible including the ships at sea and the small docks. But on the land it looks like a barren desert.
Okay, the last few days it was faultfinding first by the manual, run the AutogenEditor, followed all steps given on this forum, installed the AutogenEditor from Martin that was suggested in one of the autogen topics on the forum.
Checked all files and locations if something is missing, but all looked okay.
In FSX the scenery was installed according procedure and with first priority in the scenery menu.
Then I copied all scenery folders from the "Fly Tampa" folder to the "Addon Scenery" folder, because it was not there. Then again unticked, added the scenery in FSX still with missing autogen.
Then run again autogeneditor, but I think I have tried everything suggested here on the forum and in the manual, but still no autogen landscape. And did uninstall, re-install over and over to troubleshoot the problem. But I don't know what is next.

I have St.Maarten and Corfu without any problem running and it looks great.
But this Grenadines is driving me nuts and I can read here I am not the only one with the missing landscape scenery.

Best regards,
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