KTPA C/E Jetway/Gates missing (not A/F)

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KTPA C/E Jetway/Gates missing (not A/F)

Post by FBWFTW » Wed Sep 02, 2020 7:28 pm

So I landed at KTPA in a JetBlue A320, no problem parked at A11-unloaded pax off they went. After dinner I came back up (now nighttime) to fly my 737-700 to KATL. I spawn on C42 to find no jetways just what’s on the A gates.

-I do have GSX L2 it shows the gate as having a CTRL-J jetway (“PARKING HAS 1 BGL JETWAY)
-I’ve never used the c gates before and all other gates seem to have jetways. This is only my second or third time here, I usually hit the A gates.

Any suggestions on where to dig a file out/how to fix this would be appreciated. This is P3D V5

I’ll do some more digging after my flight for sure. Perhaps I’ll ask for 01L for departure and taxi around to see what’s what.

Scenery is on very dense (second from the right) as well. I replied to another topic that had an AFCAD file update.

The jetways show up when the scenery complexity slider is set to the far right setting.
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