Crash on Final approach RWY 21R

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Crash on Final approach RWY 21R

Post by emsss78 » Thu Sep 26, 2019 10:21 am


So I bought Athens an hour ago and did a test flight from LCLK to LGAV, on the final approach turn at 3000ft, I got a KernelBase CTD.

After the first installation, I downloaded the P3D V4 patch and deleted the 4 papi files as instructed. I also downloaded an AFCAD to fix the cargo listing of the gates.

Any idea on what could have caused the crash?

I'm using P3DV4.5.

Addons used:

ORBX Global
ORBX OpenLC Europe
Active Sky 4
GSX Level 2
PMDG 737/777
Aerosoft Airbus Professional

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