Copenhagen V2 OK except ...

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Re: Copenhagen V2 OK except ...

Post by trisho0 » Mon Apr 13, 2020 8:28 pm

rob747 wrote:
Mon Apr 13, 2020 11:37 am
Hi Emilios,

As explained in Trisho, this little problem of mine in Saltholm does not in the least alter the rest of the splendid scenario FlyTampa Cophenhagen V2.

Waiting to see my FlyTampa scenarios on ... P3D V5, thank you for your kind attention.


I flew iFly 737 to land on rwy 22R and I did screenshot for you to compare with your texture. If you got the same texture you are set. My bird landed nicely. Also, you can watch the movie I did posted in this thread. Also, I hope you are getting better health, take care.
FT EKCH rwy22R.jpg
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Re: Copenhagen V2 OK except ...

Post by rob747 » Tue Apr 14, 2020 7:52 am

Hi Trisho,

First of all I want to congratulate you on the beautiful video and your courtesy to me.

Your video is the one said by Emilios: "I recognize the image is not as crisp as it is for Amager, but could not spend more resource to increase detail in these remote areas (although Saltholm is a beatiful island) "confirm to me that Saltholm island does not have the same quality of detail in the textures compared to the rest of the scenario.

What accentuated this feeling in me was the fact that after installation I checked, as you have highlighted in the final part of your video, the same beautiful texture quality shown in the airport scenario and then head to Copenhagen city which confirmed this quality of detail and at this point Peberholm and the bridge were missing and flying about 500 feet I passed the row of wind generators to get north of what I later knew was Saltholm island.

Having in my eyes still the beautiful images of the apt + Copenhagen scenario, when I flew over Saltholm I immediately perceived the evident difference accentuated even by the low altitude and not knowing that on this island there are only two small farms one in the north and the other in the center, a few lakes and it has no trees like it shown by satellite imagery.

In conclusion, as I wrote, this does not in the least alter the exceptional quality of the scenery as well shown by your video and waiting to see this wonderful quality of the FlyTampa scenarios on P3D V5 even if I saw that the LM site is already ... unreachable, I renew my thanks for your exquisite kindness and assistance to me.

With an invitation to all of ... "STAY AT HOME" to win "all together" this cursed monster,

I send you a ... Ciao from Italy.

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