Is the scenery as Dubai Int. is now?

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Is the scenery as Dubai Int. is now?

Post by jbriscoe95 » Tue May 10, 2011 4:20 pm

I hate to sound stupid, i probably should know as i was lucky enough to travel through Dubai last January, but in this model their are three terminals, but currently only two built, how long has a third one been planned, and when can it be expected to open?
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Re: Is the scenery as Dubai Int. is now?

Post by Mage » Wed May 11, 2011 1:58 am

Terminal 2 is the north side of the airfield, to the left in the Google map and is to my knowledge used for CIS and regional flights (plus I think Flydubai loco operates from there too). The other terminal is pertty much "as modelled" by Martin now.

Of course there have been other major works there. The southern runway has been shifted bodily eastwards now (staggering the two runways) and the eastwards departures now spool up opposite the first phase of the southern terminal, rather than closer to the cargo area. There is now overflow parking in the undershoot for that runway, the executive/Royal terminal is now far larger and moved eastwards (southeast of the satellite image) with the older exec terminal still there, there's a large northern maintenance centre (huge fleet to maintain, after all) and the southern maintenance centre is (or was) a big building site. Taxiways are also re-jigged because of the runway changes. Until Maktoum (OMDW - World Central) comes properly online I think OMDB will be a work-in-progress in the real world.