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Data For AFCAD Editors

Post by aesguerra » Sat May 06, 2006 11:00 pm

Hi all. Been loving FT's KSFO for a while, but never bothered to check the forums (bad boy). Anyhoo, for those who are interested, I'd like to plot out some active parking areas away from the terminals and list who goes there, just in case anyone's looking for that data. I work at the airport, and the data is current as of this writing.

B/A 'D'
- Old International Terminal, currently inactive pending remodelling. Used for remote overnight A/C on south and west sides.
- Located at the terminal area, northeast most pier. ATCT sits right above it.
- Typical Carriers/Aircraft: Primarily Delta and Northwest. A319s/320s, B737s, B757s, and B767s.

Plot 3
- Used as overflow parking, such as remote overnight A/C, or occasional airline charter.
- Located south of B/A (Boarding Area) 'B' and east of IT (Int'l Terminal) 'A'. Adjacent to old TWA building.
- Typical Carriers/Aircraft: Air Canada, Continental, ATA (when they flew here; left KSFO last month). All aircraft.

Plot 9
- Former Skywest Ramp, now used only for remote overnight A/C for that carrier.
- Located immediately west of IT 'G' and north of Northwest Cargo.
- Typical Carriers/Aircraft: Skywest only. EMB-120s and CRJs.

Plot 10
- Dedicated Asiana Cargo and China Airlines Cargo ramp. Other approved cargo carriers.
- Located southwest of intersection of Twy Z amd R. Building clearly marked.
- Typical Carriers/Aircraft: Primarily assigned tenants plus Evergreen, Atlas Air, Air China Cargo, and Evergreen. MD11s and B747s.

Plot 11
- Dedicated DHL Cargo ramp. Also used for Airborne Express, as well as occasional Ameriflight and light Fedex operation.
- Located immediately south of Plot 10. Building clearly marked.
- Typical Carriers/Aircraft: As listed above. A300s, B767s, DC-8s, DC-9s, B1900s, and Caravans.

Plot 12
- Former Singapore Cargo Plot.
- Located immediately west of Plot 11. Building clearly marked.
- Primary Carriers/Aircraft. Used only by Kitty Hawk Cargo. B727s and B737s.

Plot 40/American
- American Airlines Superbay spots.
- At Superbay, east side.
- Typical Carriers/Aircraft: Usually American only. B757s, B767s, and MD80s.

Plot 40/United
- United Airlines Superbay spots.
- At Superbay, west side.
- Typical Carriers/Aircraft: Usually United only. B747s and B777s.

Plot 40 VIP
- Two Spots reserved for VIP operations.
- Located immediately south of Firehouse #2, which lies south of Superbay.
- All carriers or private companys/owners. Occasionally used as overflow for United A/C at Superbay. Any aircraft.

Plot 41
- Multipurpose plot, used for overnight aircraft, large/special charter, cargo operations, and overflow for Signature binzjet/GA operations.
- Located between Plot 40 and Signature ramp.
- All carriers or private companys/owners. Any aircraft.

Plot 50/JAL
- Dedicated cargo plot for JAL Cargo.
- Located immediately north of United MOC and east of USCG San Francisco.
- Typical Carriers/Aircraft: JAL Cargo only. B747s

Plot 50
- Dedicated cargo plot for Fedex and other carriers.
- Furtherst northwest plot on field. Located north of Plot 50/JAL.
- Typical Carriers/Aircraft: Fedex (two east-most spots), Korean Cargo, and NCA only. DC10s, MD11s, and B747s.

Hope this helps.