Help! Warp in Flytampa Las Vegas city using P3Dv5!

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Help! Warp in Flytampa Las Vegas city using P3Dv5!

Post by Fabian » Tue Aug 31, 2021 1:33 pm

Hello FlyTampa-team,

I am using the P3Dv5.2 and have a problem with the environment of the addon McCarran International Airport.
Outside the airport but still inside the city there is a warp, see picture, which I would like to remove.

I also use ORBX and have Vekcor installed here, as well as NA Southern California and TrueEarth Southern California.
In addition, I also own 61B Boulder City Municipal Airport, which is also installed. I have already uninstalled the following
files, or have added off to the extension:


In Prepar3dv5 version ORBX does not allow vector settings anymore. Uninstalling Boulder did not help either.
Orbx rejected me and referred me to you. How can I smooth out this bump here? I am grateful for any help.
Does the installation of Boulder affect your scenery? At least at the city limits? Anyway! More important
to me is definitely your McCarran International Airport.

Thanks for your support! And please keep developing for the P3dv5.

Many greetings from Germany
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