KLAS Gate Error

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KLAS Gate Error

Post by browns11 » Tue Sep 28, 2021 9:56 am


Love the KLAS airport (MSFS) and look forward to future MSFS purchases!

I encountered a minor error while parking at my assigned gate (D14) this week. When I taxied up to the spot following the Navigraph/Jeppesen airport references, I found it mis-numbered on the Tarmac (D3 vice D14). The neighboring tarmac numbers (D9 & D12) are correct. I took a screen shot for reference and included the airport gate chart reference. Hopefully this will help. If I am off base, missed something, or can help, please let me know!

Again, great work and look forward to more. I was in Copenhagen last year, so I think I will buy it next.

Best Regards,
KLAS Gate D14 Error.jpg
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